Customer Comments
Hi Jim,

Got 'em today ! They are georgeous. Beautifully done, elegant, and the colours I very much like, and they seem like they have very classy movements.


P. Rand, Niagara on the Lake, Ont
Jim, Thank You for the beautiful pen. I like the blue color and it feels
good in my hand. I have used it a few times and it works great. Dad bought
me a nice box at Rockler to keep the pen in. I enjoy showing the pen to
friends and telling them that you made it for me. Yesterday I showed the
pen to the Turners club and receive several nice comments on the pen. They also
thought it was very special that you made it for me. I attached a picture
of me with the pen for you. Thank you again for the lovely pen.

Emily Meeker.
Jim -

I have to say that my "Statesman" pen is my go-to pen anytime I have to write for any length of time. It's got great balance, is handsome, and performs well without being flashy. It's consummately Canadian in nature!

Cheers -

Rob Lee. Ottawa, Ont.

Received the writing instrument today, and, ... she's a beauty. Unbelievable character in the contrasting colors that make up this Tiger Lucite gem. Good balance, and the roller ball action is smooth. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment.

Mike Pachipka
Chandler, Arizona

I got the pens I bought from your web site yesterday. These are Very Very Very nice looking pens. I can't wait to use them. I will keep you name on my file for a future pen needs, I am sure I will.

The shipment was great, everything came perfectly fine.

N. Patel Tenn

Once again very nice and beautiful pens.

I just received the Statesman Pen and I am so thrilled with it. It really is a work of art and will be used with pride. The wood that you used in this pen is amazingly beautiful. Iíve never seen anything like it!

J. Shirley, Indianapolis Indiana
Hi Jim,

I received my pens today, they are BEAUTIFUL...actually they are more works of art than pens!

I can tell you that these fountain pens are more beautiful than the more expensive commercial ones I own, they will be put to great use right away.

Again, it has been my pleasure to meet you through your web site and also to do buisness with you!!

I'll be keeping an eye out for your new works.

R.Biros, Mountainview California

I wanted to let you know about the pen I bought from you as a gift to give to a delagate on my recent trip to Japan. The pen was a gift to my Japanese counterpart and host at an ISO meeting in Japan. I can say that Dr. Yamamoto was most impressed when I presented the pen to him. I can also say that I was very proud to present my friend with something that showed the craftsmanship of the person who made it and was from my country,


R. Robinson Barrie Ontario
Dear Jim,

Thanks for your invitation of commenting on your pens. I have purchased
six ball pens from you. Everyone is unique. I love your pens because of
the beauty of material (wood or plastic), finish and style (fancy or
elegant). I have sent all others to my friends, relatives and daughters
as a excellent gift. Their comments to the gift were 'Very beautiful!
Where can I buy it?' In fact, one of my real state agent friend
contacted you for ordering more pens for his friends. The only one I
have treasured for my own is a big dark reddish wood pen with a pretty
curve design along the body that attracted me most. It was your own pen
and I grabbed from you for the same price as the others. I love it.
Thanks for your masterpiece and great support to Pens for Canadian
Peacekeepers project.

Good luck to your adventure of pen turning and furniture creating!

Lin Shen
Originally born in China, now resides in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Hi Jim

Well, what, to my wondering eyes should appear in my mail this morning but quite simply the most elegant and superbly crafted pen it has ever been my pleasure to put to paper!

Seriously, Jim, if you wanted to express appreciation, you have succeeded beyond your dreams. This is truly a lovely instrument to behold, and it performs just as well. And the finish is remarkable.

You have made my week, friend. I hope I can continue to live up to the promise of WoodCentral. It means a lot to me too.

With warmest regards,
Ellis Walentine

WoodCentral Host

Springtown, Pennsylvania

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